Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Be optimistic

Not me, baby. I prefer bleak and black and the whole idea of FUBAR. Plans get made and trashed at an instant's notice. And we're talking about plans for the next day or two, not a month down the pipeline. Meaning I'm beginning to think I won't make my deadlines for BC-3 or POS, either one. Life keeps jumping in.

Like this article needing printouts of the illustrations. No big deal, right? Except each has to be on its own page and have something to indicate where it goes. And I can't do 2-3 per page, only one. This is what I get for trying to seem like I'm good enough at something to try and share it via a specialty magazine. You have to deal with nonsense that takes forever to get rid of.

Then I started working out, again. I joined the "Y" that's en route home for me and don't do anything major -- bike and some light upper body -- but I find I'm now ready to nap by 8pm, meaning my brain is sluggish, at best, after then.

Then the job, where I get to do what I enjoy doing -- travel. That in and of itself is no big deal because I can write while waiting in the airport or traveling on a plane. Even in my hotel room. But it messes with me establishing any sort of schedule for me to write...and I keep falling back on my biological clock saying, "You write best between 9pm and 2am." Dunno why I do, that's just how it works out. I've never been a morning person; my metabolism is geared for being a night owl and always has been. Must be my inner vampire. But what that means is, it takes me a while to get geared up if I'm trying to work at 4pm, instead.

So now I'm dealing with a lot of things, next week, and freaking out I may fuck up something or forget to do the one thing that needs to be done and destroy the company...and that don't help my writing, either.

Why can't I just win the friggin' lottery and live off that the rest of my life?! I could write two dozen books in the next ten years if that happened. But you think it's even a possibility? Hell no. That's never been how my luck goes.

Wait...maybe it does. Maybe I'm the epitome of, "If I didn't have bad luck, I'd have no luck at all."

Do I sound like a twangy country tune or what?

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