Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Details, details

That's all today's been, for the most part -- taking care of the piddly-bit trash that accumulates when not being cared for on a daily basis. Like laundry and groceries and e-mails that you put off and updates on bills and balancing the checkbook and on and on. I'm also doing a quickie proofing of a buddy's book for typos and such, which can take time. So now it's after 10pm and I had one meal today (along with a couple snacks) so I'm starting to feel grumpy.

But tomorrow's Labor Day, so it shall be my first day of labor on my new direction in writing and life. And I started another blog to handle my more militant statements about politics and society and the meaning behind my books, though I won't be updating every day like I try to do with this one. It's linked under my "blogs I follow" menu. Guess which one.

It's odd, but with Allen ready to tell his tale...and with Ronnie and Eric ready to provide reality to Allen's version of the truth...and the probability that the actual truth will have to come through things inadvertently revealed by Allen because no one else has access to, this is going to be fun to make work. But Brendan's not angry, anymore. I think he sees why I'm doing this and is more intrigued as to how it happens. And how another character, Samuel, ties in.

It's not going to be like the first two books, at all...not in style or emphasis or even reticence about the sexual aspects of what happened, like I was with Bobby and sort of was with Eric. If I can make it evolve correctly, this will be a madman's book written by someone who seems perfectly sane and will explain why Allen wound up where he did.

Bren's laughing at me now, wondering why I'm always whining about being afraid of writing his story when I'm the one who keeps making things hard for myself. What he doesn't get is, I'm the madman...and the sane one...wrapped all together in a neat little package meant to camouflage the fact. Been that way for years...and years...but I'm just now letting the kittie out to play.

So...coming soon to a Kindle near you -- psycho Kyle and his freaky forays into the lewd and fantastic.

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