Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Work spilled over into home life, last night, and probably will through the 20th of this month. I'm handling the pickups for the Italian book fair, next week, and load out for a fair in Santa Monica as well as prepping for Seattle.

I'll have to finish this later.

So...for three days, next week, I'll be on my own in the office just as lots is going on. I shouldn't complain -- I just got back from a long holiday and working trip and I'll be headed for Seattle for 4 days in about a month -- but when did that ever stop anybody? Still...this is where I'll be for some time, so I'd better get used to it and make the best of it. I'll try to keep the GRRRs to a minimum.

Of course, half the reason I got caught up in work is prepping my article for submission and sending it off. And learning they want printouts of my illustrations -- all 38 of them. Sending TIFFs just won't work. Such is life in academia...though I seriously doubt this article will ever get me into a position of tenure. It's more of a tool to emphasize how important it is to have people like me come pack your books for storage or shipment. Nothing self-serving about that, for sure.

Tonight I'm restructuring BC-3 so I know what I need and where. I still think this'll wind up being under 60K. And I just got a notion that Eric will be dealing with someone he hated from BC-2. Unfortunately, a whole sub-plot with another character no longer works but will still be hinted at in the final chapter. We'll see how that goes...but I feel good about the idea.

I'm feeling the push from my characters, so away I go.

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