Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Moving right along

BC-3 now has 118 solid pages out of 260, and a bridge between two sections is about to be completed, but I'm cutting off the writing at 11 so I can gear down to rest. I'm not thrilled with what I have, right now, but it works well enough and once I know what's staying in and what's shifting over to another story, then I'll be able to dig into the moments and, hopefully, make them whisper into the reader's psyche.

This coming weekend is the ILAB book fair in Bologna and already there've been a couple of glitches. Things are so damned expensive to ship in Europe -- like nearly twice as much as here -- and the service isn't that much better. In fact, sometimes it's downright backwards. Like people who won't do what you ask them to do -- i.e. weight a shipment and tell us the weight; they'd rather just guess or go with what you estimated, even if it's off by 50 pounds -- or just plain not knowing how to fill out an airway bill on a shipment going from a non-EU country to an EU one. I'm not bright about this stuff, yet, but that's dumb.

But then, we have similar crap happen here in the States, too, so I guess it's just to be expected. Like Amazon. They have three of my books available as Kindle editions but my name is spelled wrong on two of them and the bastards won't change it, no matter how much I or the publisher plead or cajole. This means they won't link up to my paperback editions and the reviews on them, and they're harder to find doing a search. It's infuriating...but seems to tie into the world-wide way of not doing things right.

Doesn't change the fact that I'd still like to live there.

I did a workout, today -- nothing major; just biked for 5 miles on a stationary and some light upper body -- but I'm feeling it. Time for snoozing, soon.


Penman said...

I get some bike gear from, Pro Bike Kit. It comes from England and the prices on a lot of what they carry are better than here. Also they have free shipping. But what is really strange, I get it fast, like in less than a week. I have ordered stuff in the States that took longer to get here.

Love Bologna, they have a great bar on the first floor of the Communist party's headquarters there in the city.

JamTheCat said... I HAVE to go to Bologna.