Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Brendan's back and hinting at things he'd like done with "Place of Safety." And I can see us working together, this time. He wants me to just jump in and write from page 1 to the end and not worry about anything. He's there to guide me. I'm nodding in agreement. When I return from Seattle, I'm doing it. I'll need the next few days to polish up BC-3 and then take a break to recharge the batteries. I'm due home on the 13th so I'll blast into it then.

It's odd, but taking this segue into BC-3 almost feels like it's helped me face the reality of POS. The sneakiness of Allen's storytelling allowed me to discover I can face the harshest aspects of the story head on. I can better reveal with honesty that which my characters want revealed. I'm still nervous about it, but that'll keep me on my toes and force me to accept shifts I don't necessarily want to accept but which might be necessary to solidify the truth of the tale.

Of course, we're coming up on National Novel Writing Month, and I've used that to push through first drafts of other books -- BC-1&2, for example -- but I used it last year to start my march to completion of POS, so I can't do that, again. Nor can I take the time to work on another book -- like "The 6 Days of Jemmy T" or the novelization of how the horror of Darian's Point began (3000 years ago, in Ireland)...tho' that does intrigue me.

And Brendan rolls his eyes, again. No patience, that lad. Good for him; I need it.

Enigma is playing on my laptop. "Principles of Lust." It helped me write the script for "Dair's Window." I'm so proud of that script -- combining character, music, art, non-linear storytelling, brutally honest characters, a gay man who refused to be a victim as its lead and into whose head I was able to get beyond measure. I took it through a workshop, even, to solidify it...and it hurts that no one ever wanted to even so much as consider it for production. Not HERE! Not Logo. Not one of the hundred other companies I contacted.

Damn...I'm feeling so Van Gogh, right now...well, short of being a danger to either of my ears.

I wonder if that story about Gauguin being the one who really cut off Van Gogh's ear is true? It's supposedly over a woman. That would make the whole episode so pedestrian...and more Spanish than French in temperament.


Brad Rushing said...

"novelization of how the horror of Darian's Point began (3000 years ago, in Ireland)"

Oh, that's so intriguing!!! I can't wait.

JamTheCat said...

We shall see what we shall see when we see it, unless we don' which case, we'll see.