Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rainy days and Thursdays

It's been steadily coming down since 9am and it's now closing in on 4:30. Not heavy, just...steady. And nice. I love the rain. It puts me in a much better mood and helps me focus -- so long as it's not one of those steamy downpours you get in Houston or Honolulu. Ugh.

What's crazy is, I see people walking their dogs in it without umbrellas, and high school kids running along in just shorts and t-shirts, and parents standing by their cars talking with each other as it comes down. I remember seeing that happen a lot in Galway, when I was there -- boys and girls walking along in t-shirts and jeans, drimmping wet -- and that rain was COLD. I guess you really WON'T melt if you get sloshed upon.

Today was better at work because I went back to square one. I had to prep a shipment to England all by myself, so I went and found a similar shipment in the system's memory and copied that word for word, except for specific things like numbers and weights. Worked a lot better. I also prepared a quote for a packing job -- not Paris but...I'll get back there someday.

Suddenly BC-3 is trying to compact itself. I think it'll be staying at about 60,000 words once I take out the stuff that's not necessary and do the final linking up. I seem to have distracted Allen by letting him become more internal and presnting himself as dangerous...and Eric seems to be finding something he needs, here, though exactly what it is I don't know yet. Their dance is just underway and I don't want to interfer with it.

BTW, avoid Sears. Those people ripped my mother off on a washer. She should have paid $340 for it but once everything was done, they got $570 out of her. She didn't get a discount because she didn't have a Sears card, and they had to charge her to deliver it because she didn't have a Sears card, and there was also installation and an extended warranty...and I'm just shaking my head. My sister was with her the whole time and did nothing to stop it.

Of course, now mom has the glorious right to happily claim, "I got ripped off on this washer." And already has several times when I've spoken with her.

Kids these days.

Uh-oh -- cat brushing time.

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