Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Back from OZ

AKA: Toronto and so tired, it took me a couple hours to work myself up to do anything on LD for NaNoWriMo.  Not just from working, mind you, but also the long drive up and back in one day and the traffic that's good enough to go up against LA's and this oddly defensive attitude I kept running into, up there., I am not getting back into whine mode.  It's a lovely city and still has a vibrant economy and that is that.

Now then...Daniel's expanding upon his notion that he wants to get back into a relationship with Tad and is explaining why.  I've only got 450 words but there's a lot packed into them.  It's not going to be easy telling this story in first person since parts of it happen when Daniel's not around, but it seems to be coming out.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I'll get a lot more done.

I cleaned a lot of crap off my desktop computer and did a lot of backup storage, yesterday.

Tomorrow is election day...and I'm not voting.  I'm sick of supporting people who then turn around and spit on me (figuratively, not literally)...and THEN have the bold-faced nerve to tell me I have no choice but to vote for them because the other guys are worse.  That's the language of an abuser and I can't sanction that.  I only voted for Obama in 2008 to keep McCain out of office; I knew back then he was nothing but a policy wonk.  I didn't expect him to actually turn out worse than I thought he would -- with his two-faced double-dealing on DADT and DOMA and the Health Care Reform bill and his pathetic stimulus and Guantanamo and refusal to stop torture and the spying done by Homeland Security on and on.  People swear he's done a lot...and compared to Bush, he's certainly better (shit, who wouldn't be?) but the second coming of Roosevelt he is not.  Right now this country needs a visionary, not someone lost behind the gaze of his rose-colored glasses.  So if the GOP wins big, tomorrow, as they're expected to do, it'll be his fault.  And in response, he'll become even more abusive to the things we liberals care about.  But at least he'll then turn into a one-term president and we can put someone in who actually WILL do the bidding of the people who elected him.

Soapbox gone.  Let's leave on a nice note -- Daniel smiling.

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