Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Numb comes the brain from the strain in refrain

Marathon day.  Started writing at 3; it's now 11:30 and I'm running on empty.  BUT...I got the whole relationship between Daniel and Van and even Tad reworked.  I've just gone through the point where Van runs off for help, and the connection between them suddenly seems a hundred times more honest and real because I worked it to where Daniel's trying to be loyal to Tad and his idea of getting back with the guy even as Van sends out signals of "I'm available" while still indicating he's got an agenda.  And that's where the day went -- making that work.

It's funny, but Daniel's argument with Ace, Carmen and Tad in the shower over Van was the hardest part to do, because it was so centered on there being a bet, which segued into explanations as to what's going on or why things might be going on.  Then Carmen showed up in a different outfit that added fun to the process and suddenly it all fell together.  I thank Jamie from the "Mark Julian" series for that.

It's entirely possible I'll have a decent draft of this new version before St. Patrick's Day -- my deadline.  On that day, I'm planning to find a nice bar, have some corned beef and cabbage and a decently pulled Guinness, and begin again on "Place of Safety."  Hopefully I'll have enough time between stories to get my taxes done.

So far in seeking grants to help me get to Ireland to research POS, the only good one I've found won't work for me because I've already been published.  Found lots of competitions for short stories and novels, but nothing much else.  ExceptI haven't been to the library, yet, and there's usually an area of books on grants and foundations there.  Especially if I use the one at the University of Buffalo.

Okay, words are vanishing from my brain.  Away I go to recharge my batteries and prep for laundry and the Oscars, tomorrow night.  I need to buy a TV; I wasn't invited back to last year's Oscar party.  Oh well, this year I get to watch and eat my chips and bean dip and drink myself silly on Dr. Pepper.  And wish I'd done better in that aspect of my career.

Such is life.

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