Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rearranging the dirt

By the time I have the first chapter down to what I want, I'll be ready for Social Security...if the GOP hasn't killed it by then.  This section establishes what Daniel's character is and he's still being too indistinct for me to keep going.  I try, but my writing freezes up.  This usually means something is missing or wrong in what I've got and I just need to keep circling it till I can figure it out.

In the script and play versions, the story starts when Daniel gets to the cabin and everything else is filled in as we go along.  But that seemed to mess with the pacing.  To me, farce is best when it doesn't give you time to catch your breath before it's on to the next comment or laugh or setup.  "His Girl Friday" is like that; you have to watch it 2-3 times to truly appreciate the story.  Doesn't hurt that Rosalind Russell gave an old pro like Cary Grant as good as she got in the movie.

In the book, I've expanded on the characters as characters and now Daniel's bland in comparison, so I actually wonder why anyone would be interested in him.  And maybe that's the problem. He's vanishing by becoming a supporting character in his own story.  He needs something more than a sort-of psychosis to him.  He needs life.  Spark.  Magnetism.  Without know it.

It's interesting...Brendan in "Place of Safety" had no hesitation in owning the story.  It was his and his alone, and all else was there to illuminate him, and some parts of it are truly dynamic.  But Daniel is still in shadow.  He needs to come out.

Of course, that could be why Brendan scares me a little while Daniel is my doppelganger.

Hm...maybe making it Tad who talks Daniel into the bet is wrong.

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