Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Rose petals

I had a 4 hour plus flight from Buffalo to Las Vegas (where I changed planes) so worked on LD's second and third chapters.   And didn't like the pacing in them.  It seems once Daniel gets to the cabin, things sort of go stale and tedious...but then, like a budding rose, ideas began to show up to make the story more compelling.  I've got 4 pages of notes -- well...2 full pages, really, just folded into looking like 4 -- and now know how to drop the whole bet aspect of the story, completely.  And Daniel's coming across more like a person as well as the main character.

What's fun is, the scent of these ideas has wafted over to POS and I can see a growing problem with the story of Brendan -- that he could easily wind up being the only truly realized character in the whole thing.  Can't have that; makes for  unreality and unimportance.  So I also have notes for that.

It's been a LONG day.  I got up at 6am to make my flight, thanks to the snow from last night, and the plane was PACKED.  Not one spare seat.  Grr.  Now it's 1:30 am my time and I'm about to crash and burn.  More tomorrow night, maybe...depending on if I can find a Starbuck's that's open late.  The WiFi in this Motel 6 actually seems to be going backwards, it's so slow.

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