Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"I Wanna Be Your Dog"

Good Old Iggy Pop...who looked old twenty years ago. He kicks my inner punk into gear, sometimes, and has me wondering if Brendan would ever wear a Trevira polyester shirt. They're a bit pretentious (I know; I had one and have a photo of me in it), but they didn't really become the rage till 1976 and the explosion of disco. I remember dancing "The Hustle" with some friends in a bar on the north side of San Antonio wearing that friggin' shirt. I think it fell apart after six washings.

No...Brendan's more an unpretentious t-shirt kind of guy who has fun watching trends come and go as he just keeps on keeping on. Or maybe not. If he's out to get a girl to notice him. I dunno. That may not be decided until later.

I'm wondering this because he just got laid for the first time, and the woman he was with is making cheese toast in the morning. He's never had it before so she smirks he's about to be deflowered twice in 12 hours...and rather than take offense at it like most guys would (the "I've been with girls before" kind of bullshit), he laughs.

And Iggy'd be there in the background, thinking about it. He was still with The Stooges and had a lot of serious counter-culture cred. But I can't figure out how to introduce Brendan to his music. He's working in a bar where the bartender/manager is more of a Dead Head than a punk. And the Houston family is too conventional to even know about him, especially since Texas was anything but a welcoming place to the likes of Punk. So I need other people around him to do maybe Everett, this gay man he knows. Would Jeremy, a friend of his cousin's?

I suppose he could slip into it via David Bowie during his "Ziggy Stardust..." phase.

Shit, why am I focusing on this superficial crap? Avoidance, maybe? I'm really good at that.

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