Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Laborless Day...not

I worked on a list for one of my packing jobs in NYC next week and shredded another 2 bags of old financial records (amazing how a short stack of papers can expand so much) while watching a decent enough documentary on TCM about the film biz up to 1970. It was a bit lumpy in parts but did a good job of connecting the direction of film with the times they were caught in.

I also did some more notes on POS. Rereading them a moment ago they seem trite and wordy, but again I'm laying a foundation for (hopefully) better work later. Brendan had some fun with me over this, and I'd like to keep that lightness. It'll come in handy as this section nears his return to Derry.

One nice thing about going down to NYC next week is, I'll get to see some movies I'm interested in. Like "Weekend", a new British film about two guys who hook up just as one is about to leave the country. It's been WAY too long since I've seen a movie in an actual theater instead of just DVDing it at home and I want to get back to that. Jeez, I used to go to 2-3 movies a week, on average...but that was when I was still pushing to work in film. Some of them were freebies I got through being a member of Film Independent, the West Coast ex of the IFP. Some were big releases. Some were revivals at one of the few remaining theaters that showed old films in LA. Half the time they were foreign -- French, German, Spanish and Japanese being my favorites. I feel like I can do that, again, and I don't know why, exactly.

Any suggestions on other films about to come out? NYC usually gets things first, in the US, even before LA...not to mention Buffalo. Just keep in mind -- I'm NOT interested in "Spy Kids" or "Transformers" or crap like that. I'm the kind of guy who knows that "The 400 Blows" is not a porn film, that Pedro Almodovar used to make porn films and that his new one, "The Skin I Live In", is not a new commercial for Loreal.

Do I sound condescending yet? If not, just give me time to work up my inner film connoisseur. I can be a mean little bastard about that.

Nice and cool, today. Breezy. Right now it's 57. All very nice. Maybe I was an Eskimo in a former life. does one reconcile that with being a vampire in a former death? Dunno. Maybe I'll work that into "Blood Angel."

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