Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New love.

I found a new radio station to stream on my computer -- WFUV's "The Alternate Side."  I'm hearing music I've never heard before by bands who will never exist on mainstream radio. It's based at Fordham University and currently it's playing this hauntingly elegant song by The Antlers, "No Widows."

I just finished the first draft of my second video script for Kasey. I'm letting it sit for a moment to get a hint of distance so I can see if it works before I send it off. I'm not really brainiac enough, yet, to toss this stuff off, thanks to last week's job. Fortunately, it's only a couple of pages long.

But that's enough to make me think I should do some rewriting on some old scripts, add in my new sense of chaotic humor to see if that will pump them up enough to get people's interest. I thought of one moment for this old comedy I did, "The Lavender Curse"...wait, a quick synopsis here -- it's about a tough and rumble cop in Vegas whose mind is switched with his 60 year-old mother-in-law's as he's just about to make a huge bust and she's about to be in a senior lady beauty pageant.

Well, I had this moment come to me where, once her mind's in his body, she can't figure out how to get dressed. Including how to put on his tighty-whities so they're comfortable (and she doesn't...oh, let's just say...touch anything too personal on his part. So he, in his mother-in-law's body, has to show her. Or do it for her. I wonder if that would get it an "R" rating. But I can just picture Susan Sarandon playing all butch and no-nonsense and rearranging the merchandise, so to speak, as Chris Evans does a girly, squirrely thing and their wife and daughter, respectively, becomes so creeped out, she takes a shower fully clothed to keep from slipping into hysterics.

Hm...I don't own the script, anymore, so I'd have to get the okay to do it. But that'd be so...WEIRD.

Fits in with my mindset, lately.

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