Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Total. And I'm through page 98 in content and have 216 pages overall, but I've finally connected two main sections and can now input edits I have for the incident at Burntollett Bridge. After that comes writing the Battle of Bogside and the Celebration Fleadh after British soldiers are deployed to keep the peace.

That's a lot left, still. I'll keep pushing, but it's not looking promising, me getting this done in time to submit to Amazon. The one real positive about this is, it made me focus on POS in a way I haven't in a while and finally just say the hell with it, let's get a first draft of this section done. And now that I'm close, I don't want to stop, even if there's no chance of me making the deadline.

I'm 99% sure this story would never fool anyone from Ireland as having been written been written by someone from Derry. It's odd, but I see myself using john Millington Synge as the guide for my syntax, to an extent, even though I know it's mainly archaic. When I go back through it to polish, I take out the more overt ones and leave the rest in, for the rhythm. I mean, it'll read well to most Americans, I think, and the fact that I'm using a boy as an observer through this part helps keep me from getting bogged down in details. Keeping my awareness to a 10-16 year old's avoids a lot of the pitfalls I'd feared.

I think. I won't know till I'm done.

A lot of today was taken up with finalizing some paperwork for the book fair in Pasadena, and setting up to meet my sister in San Diego for dinner, the night of the 6th.

I also baked a pretty mean tilapia filet, using pepper and onion relish as the marinade. I even ate it with rice, not one of my favorite foods. But I'm trying to get rid of all the crap in my fridge before I leave, Thursday. I'll be gone 12 days and don't want to come home to a mess.

Looks like February is going to be the month for winter weather. It'll be here in three days and already we're getting the snow we'd been missing since November.

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