Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Makes me laugh

I watched 6 more episodes of BBT and am enjoying the hell out of it. It's been so long since a sit-com made me laugh this much...and had characters that were weird and real and irritating and endearing. I actually feel protective towards Sheldon, and now that I've seen what Leonard's mother is like, I feel for him.

I know what this sounds like, but I meant it when I said I know people like this, who have these quirks and specific intelligences and childish sense of excitement about something like a questing game or comic book. I felt apart from all of that but now I think I have an idea of what it means...and BBT is so elegant in its method of dramatizing that...with laughs.

I'm off to Ithaca, NY, tomorrow, to transport boxes of archives to Hartford, CT, to be shipped to a client. And of course, it's been cold (5 degrees) and snowing the last two days. I don't mind; I'm just worried about how long it will take me to get there. I allowed 4 hours but if the 90 is bad, it may take longer. And that bugs me. Fortunately, I also allowed 3 days for the job, even though in good weather it would only take two.

I'm taking nothing to read or watch or listen to while I'm on the road. I'll be saying in Motel 6's en route to Hartford and back to Buffalo, and I know at least one of them's been refurbished so it'll be livable. And I'll work on this script that's tickling my brain. Title -- "Tony's Last Adventure."

I don't know if it will be action-packed or tender memories or a comedy of errors or what; I just know part of it will be a road movie, and Tony is already dead and buried. The opening and ending will be set in Buffalo. Some of it will be in Florida...probably Key West. And the lead is a 68 year old man named Joe. I've got the back-story, so who knows where this will take me?

I've seen a number of road movies -- "Rain Man", "Kings of the Road", "Two-lane Blacktop", "Grapes of Wrath", "Sullivan's Travels" (where I first got my crush on Joel McCrae), now I need to rent "Harry and Tonto" just to see what that one was like.

But not from Netflix. I just learned they're owned by WalMart. I'd never have joined if I'd known that.

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