Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photos and captions of 1968 Derry, by Eamon Melaugh

Two children sitting on the 'Roaring Meg' cannon. The cannon is located at the 'Double Bastion' on the City Walls overlooking the Bogside area of Derry. During the Siege of Derry 1688 to 1689 the canon was said to have made the loudest noise of any gun, hence the name. The street in the background, Nailors Row, was demolished as part of redevelopment in the city. (Brendan lives in an area like this.)
Photograph of the view looking down the lower part of Linenhall Street, Derry. Linenhall Street lies within the City Walls close to East Wall.

View of Carrigan's Lane, off Bishop Street Without. One of a number of streets that ran between Bishop Street Without and the Foyle Road with the river Foyle in the middle distance.
 A young man standing in a typical Derry posture; leaning against a wall, hands in pockets, and one leg crossed over another. He is particularly smartly dressed so the day is either a Sunday or he has been involved in a 'confirmation' service.
The Protestant side of Derry in 1972.

To see more of Eamon Melaugh's images, click here.


james black said...

The two children on the roaring meg are myself seamus black on the left aged 9 and my brother danny aged 8 photos were taken by eamon melaugh

JamTheCat said...

Thanks for telling me this. Did you live on Nailor's Row?