Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Talk about a horror story...

I am so sick of the GOP and the moral dwarves running for President under its banner, all of them two-bit snakes who don't give a damn about Democracy or an individual's rights...if they don't correspond with what they think is correct. And we've got 10 more months of this shit to wade through.

Even ignoring the neverending "debates" by the contenders, I'm still slathered in the mud and muck they're slinging, thanks to the one-track-mind of our so-called "liberal media." You can't even ignore it online. And all the while, nobody's doing a damned thing about unemployment or the foreclosure crisis or the thieves on Wall Street and in the banks. All we're allowed to pay attention to is these idiots trying to prove they're more conservative and beholden to the rich than the others. It's disgusting.

What's even more disgusting is how some Americans not only pay attention to their lies and deceptions, but think they're great! Newt Gingrich, who not only cheated on his first and second wives but divorced both when they became ill; Rick Santorum, who spouts about how moral and Catholic he is while spitting on the teachings of Christ; Mitt Romney, who lies about everything, period, and has yet to be called on it by the media; Ron Paul, who would happily take us back to the Middle Ages, when serfs were dependent upon their Lords for life; and Rick Perry's just plain so stupid, he can't tell A from B or C and has forgotten he does not run Texas, his Lt. Governor does...and the state's damn near turned into a Banana Republic.

THIS is the American Horror Story. Nothing anybody could come up with would be more terrifying than one of those assholes actually buying or stealing his way into office. And in case you think it can't happen, 2000's election was stolen in Florida by Bush thanks to the illegal intervention of the Supreme Court, and it's highly likely that 2004 was stolen by manipulations in Ohio by the GOP controlled elections board. And look what happened -- Bush damn near bankrupted the country with his tax cuts and wars that have yet to be paid for.

Not that anyone should have been surprised he'd nearly ruin America; he couldn't even find oil in Texas when he was given a company to run by some of his daddy's friends. He's been a colossal failure his entire life, but because of his daddy's connections, he's been allowed to coast right on through.

Tecumseh's Curse is finally coming to fruition.

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