Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

We finally got a blizzard...

...of a sort. For a while the snow came down so heavily you couldn't see more than a couple hundred feet in front of you. My car had about 3 inches on it, but it was like powder so brushed off easily. I actually enjoyed it, even driving in it despite the fact that people in Buffalo want to go 10 miles an hour when they're on the road in the slush.

I've been scrambling to get things done at work, with the changes in plans and sudden now rush jobs needing to be done and all, so I brought my California folder home, tonight, and worked on that instead of something worthwhile. As of now it looks like I'll be in LA longer than I thought, depending on a couple of auctions. A friend of mine offered me his couch to sleep on but I found a nice Studio 6 (an upscale Motel 6) that's more centrally located to everything so I'll be staying there and hopping onto the 170 to get around.

I am SO looking forward to this trip. I miss LA, deeply. All my friends are out there. I get how the place works. The weather's a bit monotonous, but you can find snow in the mountains if you really want it. The place just feels like home in ways that Texas never could even begin to approach. Even Austin was just a good substitute, back when I lived there; I can see that now.

I have a package waiting for me in the leasing office when I can get it. I'm hoping it's my copy of the Florida Review with "Desert Land" in it. Unfortunately, the office is open the exact same hours I'm working, so I'll have to wait till Saturday to pick it up.

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