Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OT rocks along

I have the opening done on "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor" and most of the ending. Now I just need to fill in the mystery part, which is going to be fun. Jake's taking to being a detective like a duck takes to water. And his bullshit detector is already in full swing. He's used it against his stepmother in Paris to learn his blood mother called his father and no one knows why.

What interesting so far is how Jake views Antony. It's a bit paternalistic...but also loving with a touch of awe-struck. And it turns out the only reason he didn't kill Rattler at the end of RIHC6v2 was thanks to Matt, which is something Antony doesn't know about...and which I didn't realize until it was written down.

Man, we are gonna have such a blast pulling this thing together.

I got a CD in the mail, today, that's supposed to help me find grants and fellowships for writing. It's also supposed to help me fill out the paperwork in a way that makes everything come together. I'd done this before, years ago...while I was trying to get things going in LA just after Heritage Book Shop closed...but I never got anywhere. I really suck at writing proposals and begging letters. Maybe this will illuminate my weaknesses and expand upon my strengths.

I'm doing this for "Place of Safety." It's a long-term process, but if I can get backing from a foundation to go do research for a year in NI, I can get POS done and out there. I'm beginning to think half the reason I've backed away from film, lately, is I know if I get wrapped up in that, again, I'll postpone POS indefinitely. So unless I can sell a script and run with the cash, I'm leery of diving back much as I would really love to. It's where my dreams are.

So what I'm trying to do with my  writing is build an image in the reader's mind of what's happening, like in a film. Maybe that's the wrong approach. Maybe I'm fooling myself about it. But that's the goal when I rework my writing. And thinking about it, I've had a hard time doing that with IF because it doesn't spring from within on me; it's all external. Hm...guess I've found another limitation of mine.

And Jake just laughed and shook his head like I'm a moron. Which I guess I am. A lazy one.

But wild and crazy, sometimes.

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