Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rereading and pimping

Pimping -- "The Lyons' Den" is now available in paperback on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Re-reading both volumes of "Rape In Holding Cell 6" to remind myself of aspects of Antony's and Jake's relationship and history...and seeing SO many things I'd like to re-write. But I refuse to be one of those twits who's always "refining" his work according to his abilities now. These books are documents of how I used to write -- loose and easy and a bit slooppy but very chatty.

I still have some of that in LD, but I'm finding Jake's voice is more controlled and careful. He's been hurt and doesn't want to get into that position, again...even though Antony's hardly a steady companion. But he let me know, the reason he hangs on to "Tone" is, he's granite. Once he settles into something, you cannot move him short of using dynamite. And now that his history is settled, his total focus is on Jake and backing him up, and he will dive into a lake of fire to protect his man. And Jake would do the same for him.

Apparently, Jake's Uncle Owen was the only other one in his life to offer that kind of support. That's why Jake gets into this mess with the man's disappearance; his uncle backed him up so he can't just walk away. But by doing this, he's opening up a whole new world and only the fates know where it will take him and Tone...and Matt, since he's part of their semi-family, now.

As I get back to the story, I find my recent moods and pissiness are diminishing. Damn, I guess I was doing the writer's version of the DTs...but rather than complete my detoxification I dove back into the pool and am now doing laps in the beauty of just letting the words flow around me.

I be writer junkie.

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