Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We are a communist nation

But we call it Christianity. Don't think so? Consider this.

We have right-wing leaders that say if you do not pass the christian test, you should not be allowed to hold a job (see Newt Gingrich on that one, but also a number of ministers on the right). It was the same in the Soviet Union. Our political leaders determine what a woman may do with her body, all in the name of god, thus show that all women really are is breed mares to them. Just like in China, and I don't care about the details (that we're close to the point where a woman may not even prevent a pregnancy let alone get rid of one, while in China it was no woman may have more than one child), it's still the government telling women what they may or may not do with their own bodies. And rape or incest do not matter to them.

Now yet another state has declared that marriage and the protections thereof are applicable only to a man who is married to a woman, and vise versa. Period. (See North Carolina here.) The constitutional amendment that passed was supposedly aimed at preventing gay marriage, but in actually it removes the legal protections from anyone who is not married. If a woman has a child but is not wed, the state may take the child away from her and give it a married couple. If a man and woman have lived together for 20 years and built a life together and her or she dies, the deceased's relatives may take everything, because this amendment invalidates common law marriages, as well. It is christian morality dictated by government fiat.

Consider something else -- waterboarding was torture. After WW2, Japanese soldiers were courts martialed for doing it to American and British soldiers. It was defined as such by every civilized nation in the world. The US signed the Geneva Convention, which describes waterboarding as a criminal act. To even think about using torture against a prisoner was anathema to any American.

Now? We joke about it...and use it...and the people who used the law to excuse it, brag about what they have done and write books about it and get patted on the back. And so-called christians are the first to do the patting. That Jesus was tortured and executed by the state, even though he was found innocent of a crime, means nothing to them.

So now we have a government that has the right to listen in on your phone conversations without any cause. We have a security force at airports that uses invasive searches and threats of imprisonment against anyone who does not do exactly what they want. We have policemen who brutalize peaceful protesters, claiming they were being threatened despite evidence that they were not, and nothing is done to the cops. We invade nations that had done nothing to us then complain because their  people aren't happy we destroyed their country.

This is what they do in communist China. This is what they did in the Soviet Union...and are getting back to doing in Russia under Putin. And in this country, this form of communism is being perpetrated by christians. Listen to some of the nonsense spouted by Rick Santorum, who would put everyone in the US under biblical law (like Iran and Saudi Arabia are, under Sharia Law) and had millions of followers who agreed with him.

Christianity is the new communism, in this country, and there are tens of millions of party members who are proudly forcing their will upon us all, through laws and legal fiat.

Even as they spit on the teachings of Christ. The devil must be pleased beyond measure.

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