Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Electronic chains...

I had to keep making and taking calls about the shipments I packed, today, so it wasn't completely free...but I did okay.

First I hopped out to Ruislip to make certain it works for Adam to have a small flat there...and it's perfect.

In fact, I even found a Wimpy Burger. I loved those as a kid, when we lived in Ruislip Gardens. Now? It's not a great burger -- the meat's got some kind of filler in it -- but...I relived a few moments of my childhood chowing one down.

This one seems very new, and they served me at my table instead of me getting it at the counter. I don't remember them doing that. But they did grill my onions before putting them on the burger.

BTW, the building across the street is my visual for Adam's apartment. Ruislip's Tube station is just the other side of those new apartments.

What's cool is, the Metropolitan Line runs from here to Regent's Park...and Baker Street! And we all know who lived there, don't we?

This statue is in front of the Baker Street station, on Marlyebone Road, and #110 is just around the corner  It's now a B&B of some sort. Rather depressing. I'd have thought the museum would be there. (Update: I don't know why I wrote that -- I knew better; Sherlock lived at 221b Baker Street, which IS  a museum, and which I stupidly did not even think about until I got back to the US. I can be such a fuckin' idiot, at times).

Tomorrow I'm going to try and make Hampton Court, The Old Globe , and do a tour of the Tate, which is right next to the Globe. We'll see how it goes. I blew off Madame Tussaud's because it's 25 GPB to get in and I'd have had less than 2 hours inside.

I'm getting cheap in my old age, even as I become more casual about money.

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