Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Page One Rewrite...

That's what "The Alice '65" needs. It's sloppy, as is...and loose...and inconsistent. And I thought I'd done a good job. Jesus.

So I went through and made notes of the ideas I'd had and started slashing extraneous dialogue. I guess it's good that no one else is giving me input, right now; it's a crappy script.

I slipped into a foul mood so took a nap only to wake with a nasty headache. That usually happens when I sleep in the afternoon. So I piddled and futzed about and got jack all done...until I began playing with some images, in Photoshop. I have a black and white painting of a head and shoulders I did in a Kodalithic style, a year back, and it bothered me, for some reason. Didn't seem complete. I was thinking it needed a touch of red to make it live but wasn't sure about it, so I went back and forth on it...and then I did this one.

The lines are too ragged for what I want...but it's raw and exactly what I needed to see. The red adds a touch of brutality...hell, more than a touch...and I like that.

I have a whole series I want to do of these, on canvas in acrylic...see if I still have the artistic ability. It's been so long since I've handled a brush.

After high school, this was the direction I was planning to go...until film sidetracked me. I wonder what would've happened...

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