Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I'm in NYC running errands so stopped in Starbucks to have some Refresh tea and figure out what else is left to do...and where I can go to do it. It's in a sub-level of The Empire State Building and was nearly empty when I cam in; now it's every table filled.

There's a Duane Reade drug store across the street, so that's first, then down to Sprint because like an idiot I left my phone charger at home...with my work phone still charging on it. THIS is why I don't get  up at 4am to do anything. My brain is non-existent.

Then comes Office Depot up Broadway for fragile labels, I hope. I could not find any anywhere I went in Buffalo.

I brought a printout of OT with me to work on while I'm away from home. I can't do anything on A65 because my laptop doesn't support the version of final Draft I have and I'm scrambling just to keep even, financially, as it is. Besides, I like working this way; having a hard-copy of the story shows me where I need to add and forces me to face just how verbose I'm getting in the story.

I'd really like more feedback on A65 before I get home. Guess I'll have to beg.

Now once more into the breech...

UPDATE: ...or is that breach? I'm too zoned to remember, except I know breeches is pants.

Took 4 tries to find fragile labels in NYC. I'm laying in a supply from ULine when I get back; that was ridiculous.

Now...just enough time for a DP before the plane loads. Dunno when I'll be blogging for the next week, but I will be taking pictures.

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