Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, December 28, 2012

This is "Christianity"...NOT

Ugandan 'Kill the Gays' Bill Lawmaker Rebecca Kadaga Receives Blessing from the Pope. ... (She) has said she wants to pass the "kill the gays" bill as a "Christmas gift" to Ugandans, (and) received a blessing from the Pope at the Vatican.

Said Kadaga to Reuters last month: "Ugandans want that law as a Christmas gift. They have asked for it and we'll give them that gift."

Uganda's New Vision reports:
Kadaga who led a delegation of Ugandan legislators to the Vatican expressed delight at meeting the Pope and visiting St Peter’s Basilicca.

“I think this is a moment that cannot be repeated. We have been reading about him, hearing stories about St.Peter’s Basilica but now we are here physically. I think it is something that I will remember all my life. It’s a very great moment and I thank God for this opportunity,” she said minutes after meeting the Pope.

Ironically, a Ugandan delegation had traveled to Rome for the 7th Consultative Assembly of Parliamentarians for the International Criminal Court and the World Parliamentary Conference on Human Rights.

The Vatican mass they attended was the one in which the Pope sent his first tweet.
I got this from and it perfectly illustrates the direction "Christianity" is going, thanks to people like Scott Lively, Rick Warren, and Tony Perkins, and to the ongoing silence of most other "Christians" in response to it. A few have said it's not nice. How cool is that. Killing fags is "not nice."

In the US, it's been suggested by "Christian" radio talk creeps that gays should be rounded up, should be tattooed, should be killed, you name it. But according to them, it's Islamic jackasses doing the same damn stuff in their countries that should be feared by one and all.

I don't think those people even understand what the word hypocrisy means...or blasphemy.

Rant over. Now comes something to get the taste out of my mouth --
This is Bernardo Velasco, a Brazilian model I'm using as the visual for Lemm, a guy who may be on Jake's side in "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor" -- or who may not -- or who may be both. I won't know till I finish writing the book.

Which may be soon. I'm blocked on A65. Totally. Can't even face it, right now. comes Lemm to draw me back into OT.

Of course, it could work out he's neither.

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