Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is why I keep a handwritten journal

I spent much of yesterday writing into my regular journal, one where I spill all my secrets and evil plans and hopes and complaints; I've tried to keep those separate from this blog but, being human and rather self-indulgent, I don't always succeed.
Still, yesterday was good, because I spit out a lot of the ennui I was feeling and today was able to go through "The Alice '65" and do a solid re-working of it. I even input a couple of scenes I'd worked on into the file and printed them out to rework, again, so I can better figure out what the correct rhythm is.

From this point forward...well, beginning with 2013...I'm going to use this blog to talk solely about my writing and books. No more politics; I have my Anger and Anarchy blog for that, mingled with my more prurient thoughts and desires. I may even begin another blog for the stuff dealing with pissants around the world.

Of course, right now is the best time to really begin. And doing this symbolic cleansing helped me, a lot. I can now see that Adam is a solid character; it's the rest of the cast in A65 that need fleshing out. Casey's a good catalyst, but nothing more, really. And Patricia isn't pulling her weight, so I made her Casey's manager as well as mother...and if that's not a nightmare scenario for most people, I don't know what is.

I already had Casey being a child star who's shifted well to features as an adult. She's hinted that she's got a head on her shoulders, but she is manipulative and gets lost in her own plans while forgetting that sometimes others can be hurt by that. I think I need to clarify that aspect of her.

Lando's become more of a character, too, and I included some people at the ending bit in the jet who added suspense and, simply, needed to be there.

A65 is going to be more than just a rom-com, and that may be a problem with the Hollywood crowd. They like simplicity and single-genre we'll see what I can get away with. But I've already decided to make this into a book, eventually, once I have it locked down as a script.

My vague plans, as of now, are to finish a first draft of "The Vanishing of Owen Taylor", for Jake, then get a first full draft of "Place of Safety" done, from beginning to end, for Brendan. I can worry about the details of the story's world later, once I know what I'll need to know.

But if I know me...this all will change, tomorrow. I'm consistent, that way.

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