Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wild and wondrous

This is Maine's coastline, along the peninsula where I'm working. It's beautiful and remote -- damn, is it remote! But I'll bet it's fantastic in the summer.

I flew into Boston, and I do not like that airport, at all. It has confusing signage and is nothing but long halls leading to the main terminal lobby; I nearly died of boredom just walking down one.

What's worse? Leaving the airport. First, my bag wasn't on the carrousel. I had to get it from baggage claim. Why? No answer. Second, no information as to where to go to get your rental car. Apparently, you're supposed to know that when they say courtesy vans, that's what they're well as for hotels...and parking.

But the best part is, you pay $3.50 to leave the airport in your rental car...and if you're not in the right lane the second you pass the toll booth, you can't get off for 10 miles. The road is all underground until you're past downtown. Was this the Big Dig? If so, it sucks.

Once I got on the correct road (which took 45 minutes of my life) the drive was the non-stop rain. Seriously, it rained from Boston to past Bangor, Maine. And not light. I like rain, but this was getting to feel like a repeat of Noah's deluge.

My B&B is pleasant and on the far side of the land in that photo. Nothing but 2 land blacktop for 45 miles. And no street signs half the time. Apparently, if you don't know where you are, out here, you don't belong there. It's insane.

I did a little thinking about A65, and I guess I'll just start the rewrite this weekend, since only one person's willing to give me feedback on it. His comments were good, for the most part. And now I have distance enough to view it with an eye to story.

Then I'll start the whole process over, again.

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