Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, April 1, 2013

So now what?

Caught in a slow current drift across a wide space of water, casual and clean and thoughtless. I got Depeche Mode's new album, "Delta Machine", and haven't listened to it, yet. I shouldn't have bought it; I can't really afford it.

I finally watched Woody Allen's "Paris by Midnight" and felt nothing for it. Didn't even like the  conceit of a writer traveling back in time to to his favorite period only to find the writers and people then thought an earlier time was even better. He only got an Oscar for it because he's Woody Allen.

Paris looked nice, though.

So I spent much of the night making potato-leek soup with ham and a hint of mint. Turned out good. I can use it for lunch...have it for dinner. Break up the parade of canned soups and frozen dinners I've been eating. I need to watch my spending; I still have to pay my taxes and have nowhere near enough cash to do it....but if I'm careful this month, I can handle the NY State taxes and then just let the IRS tell me what sort of payment plan I'll be doing to pay off that part.

I'm also aiming to set aside 20% of my income so I don't have this happen again. Meaning I've told my brother I can't support him, anymore. If he can't make it, he'll have to go live with our sister. Which would not be a good choice; she's 40 miles out of town. But he has his teeth fixed, now; a clean set of dentures that I'm told look good. That only took a year and a half to complete. And he's been working more, lately. So maybe things will turn around for him.

I've begun thinking about that long-form fable I wrote, "David Martin". That's in third person, but it's so closely aligned with David, it's almost like first. It still feels a bit awkward, but that may stem more from my mood than actual style of writing. I'm not rewriting it. I can do that till the end of time and it'll never be perfect enough.

I may test the waters of self-publishing, again, with that. But it needs a few illustrations. I can do some drawings, but I wonder if they're the right kind of things for the story? And I'd want some of them to be color. I wonder if I could copy the style of Sir john Tenniell, who did the illustrations for "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"?

Never know until you do it, Kyle. 

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