Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Oddly enough...

I said a few days ago Carly Kills wanted to be a screenplay...but it seems Carly's changed her mind. Typical. She's thinking of a good, scary, sexy book with her in control every step of the way. The story's pretty much a revenge one -- her sister's a lesbian who was raped by some scum, treated like shit by the system of justice, and finally killed herself. With the help of her sister's lover, she plans to slowly torture to death every one of the men who did it. But she doesn't know who all of them are, yet...and Zeke complicates things by running with that crowd and making Carly fall for him. He's got tattoos and scars and a prison past and soulful eyes that go with his pain and suffering...

What's becoming even more fun is, Carly's decided she's an ex-Marine who was court-martialed for breaking a superior office's instep when he groped her breasts. Her defense? "He was behind me so I didn't know he outranked me. If I had, I'd have just kicked him in the balls." So this story is even more than personal revenge; this is catharsis. And my goal is to tell it like it's a horror story about Carly the crazed-killer...someone who makes you empathize with her as she slaughters some very bad boys. If she goes as far as I rather suspect she may be better to make this a book. Don't want no NC-17s going on.

I think what got me going on that was remembering a movie I saw back in the early 70s (dating myself, here). It was about an upper-class girl who infiltrates a gang of drug smugglers, or something, and may have been called Ginger, but it had full-frontal male and female nudity and an infamous moment where a naked man who's tied to a bed is castrated by a pissed-off woman who's wrapped his genitals with piano wire. That's Carly...or maybe her mom.

Funny...the early 70s had a lot of movies like this -- sexploitation things. Gay. Straight. Bi-curious was the order of the day. Men with men; women with women. Titles like Licorice Quartet, Trader Hornee, Behind the Green Door, Myra Breckenridge, Fortune and Men's Eyes (which killed a couple of actors' careers), and the infamous Deep Throat. Men were seen as sex objects just as much as women. They ran at mainstream movie houses and I'd go to them with my friends. Hard to believe things were so casual back then. Especially in San Antonio.

Now? I can't imagine them even getting made except as porn videos, even in LA.

Hell, especially in LA.

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