Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, October 19, 2013


That's how many words I have in this story, so far, though I'm only satisfied with 85,000 of them, in their current order. The rest...I'm into the part of the book where I need to restructure and change things.  One person who was on the periphery of what happened with Owen Taylor is now in the middle of it. And Jake's made a big mistake but was aware enough to see it, quickly, and mitigate its ramifications.

Maybe. You never know with a story like this.

I figure I have the 15,000 words to rework and 20,000 to add, and I'll be done with a first draft. Then I'll be asking for volunteers to tell me whether or not the story works. I'm so deep into it, right now, I can't see the structure for the verbiage.

It looks like I may be completely out of print, soon. Amazon has taken it into its head that I asked for The Lyons' Den to be removed from publication in both paperback and Kindle, which is nonsense. The e-mail I sent them specifically said I was NOT doing that. I'm trying to find out where they got that bright idea, but as yet no response.

Hmm...since NYPD Blood is now out of print, maybe I could use that as a test for Smashwords. That might be fun. I may even use a pseudonym, since it's not really my story. Do better artwork on the cover. That sort of thing. I'll have to find out. I may get arrogant enough to submit it for Pulitzer consideration. Only costs $50.

Let's see how much it costs to get going, first.

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