Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Carly's getting ready... the back of my mind. It's like making a bed...well, the way I make one. Like today. I washed everything -- blankets, sheets, mattress pad, and ran the pillows in a dryer. And then...then you make the bed. Layering on each section.

Mattress pad, first -- basis of story -- Carly sets out to kill the men who raped her sister.

Bottom sheet -- story's theme -- revenge destroys both the guilty and the innocent.

Top sheet -- story's structure to lay everything on -- Carly kills, falls for Zeke, wavers, innocents die, she roars back with pure fury.

Blanket -- characters -- Carly, Zeke, the bad boiz, the others who inform the story in some way.

Pillows -- Okay, I don't know how to work those into my rambling, but they're there, so I'll have to -- because I can't sleep flat. Could they be the comedy in this tragedy? Of course, I guess I should involve the mattress in some way, too. Hmph.

Carly's pretty, not beautiful, but she knows how to use what she's got. And she's ex-Marine, so she knows how to kick ass. And she's determined, so she'll achieve her goals or die trying.

Then there's Zeke, good-looking but damaged. Literally. He was in Iraq and has seen what hate can do, so now wants nothing but peace. He doesn't even mind Carly seeing him as a sex object.

Problem is, he runs with the guys who brutalized Carly's sister, and may even have helped. Question is, why, even if he wasn't part of that criminal act, is he with the men who were?

I'm not out to make a "female" story. This is not a romance or anything along the lines of Jackie Collins' works. I'm going to make it as suspenseful and brutal and honest as I can.

That's all I have, right now...but it may be enough to build a first draft off of.

Then again, I've said that before and crashed and burned.

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