Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fly me to the moon...

I'm off to NYC in the morning and will be there through Tuesday; my flight home leaves JFK at 10:45pm. Should be interesting, to be nice about it. This is one of those impossible jobs brought about by people who have no idea what they're doing. Not that I always do...but packing a thousand books in 2 days is not going to be easy, even with help.

But this is the life I chose. And reality is, if I honestly wanted to change it, I would. But I guess deep down...I don't.

I've been snapping and snarling about the GOP shutdown of the government, but I'm beginning to see a spark of light. Maybe this will make the Republican Party inconsequential at the next election. There was talk a few months ago of how the GOP has the chance to take the Senate and keep the House. Now? It's all up in the air. Because those twits are actually gloating over this, and bullying people they know can't fight back...and stupidly doing it on camera, so they can't say it's made up or a misquote.

I'm reminded of when Ann Richards was running against Clayton Williams for Governor of Texas in 1991. I worked on her campaign, and it was Texas nasty. She was smart, knew the job, had connections like you wouldn't believe, had been the State Treasurer for years...and she was still running neck and neck with a misogynistic millionaire who made jokes about rape and some appallingly stupid comments about the days' events. It was entirely possible Texas would vote another idiot into office just because he was a good ol' boy (and did so with her successor).

But then he did the unforgivable. He deliberately insulted her, to her face, in front of news cameras he'd asked to come see him do it. Seriously, they showed the entire thing on the news. It was at a banquet and he said to the news crews covering it, "C'mere, I want you to see this," then he went straight to Ann's table, and as she got up to greet him, he told her was was refusing to shake her hand because her campaign was saying mean things about him. (Like his hadn't done that about her.) That was a major breach of etiquette, and that's why he got his butt whupped.

I'm hoping the same thing happens to these Tea Party scum. They've revealed their true colors -- gleeful about the shutdown, yelling at park rangers who had to close monuments because of the shutdown, being overheard discussing how they were going to change the dialog by repeating the same "It's Obama's fault for not negotiating" nonsense...I just shake my head at it.

And use it to help me with OT. I'd thought I was going too far with the story? I'm nowhere near crossing the line into surreality, yet.

Maybe I should try...

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