Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Much to contemplate...

Looks like the psychotic branch of the GOP has taken over and is doing everything it can to destroy America. I've gotten to where I call them the US branch of al Qaeda, because they are managing to do what bringing down the Twin Towers could not. Eight years of Bush and his filthy lies and doubling of the debt didn't do it. No, it was having a black man in the White House that galvanized the terrorists of the Right, and they are now taking over.

People say not all Republicans agree with those diseased animals, but I don't see them doing anything to stop them. It's like the Christians who don't go along with maniacs like Pat Robertson and the Westboro Baptist Church devils in their blame liberals and gays for everything wrong cries; they just say, "That's not nice" and do nothing more. The same goes for Muslims who insist Islam is a religion of peace but don't even try to counteract the sickness spread by the likes of Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad and the Taliban and, yes, al Qaeda.

Not everyone in Germany went along with exterminating the Jews, except they did, because they did damn near nothing stop it. Not all Russians think gay men and women are a danger to society, but they haven't pushed back against Putin's vile laws and how he's using homophobia to help pad his pocketbook and build his powerbase. They stand by, think to themselves, "That's not nice," and go about their own business, certain it will never affect them.

Of course, not all people just let evil happen; some do fight and cry and scream and argue...and their voices are barely heard. Barely paid attention to. The evil screams louder, and too many well-meaning twits try to take advantage of the other side's decency. I get dozens of e-mails a day demanding I help some liberal cause with money and/or sign a petition against this or that, as if that means anything. It's all made worthless by its redundancy.

You don't stop crazy with pieces of paper; you stop it by removing the nutcases from power. Where are the demands for recalls against the GOP Reps causing this mess? Why aren't people on the left giving the Tea Partiers a damn good spanking by hitting their districts with the first cuts in services thanks to the shutdown? Politics is a blood sport, and the right wing knows it...but liberals have played at it like it's just a game of Bridge.

Which raises the question -- Why do people tolerate the maniacs taking control? Why do they allow the radicals to run things? Are we just lazy? Selfish? Uncaring at heart? I used to think humanity was basically good, but I don't know, anymore. I wonder if we, as a species, are really just the intelligent version of a flea or a tick, living off the blood of a healthy animal until it sickens and dies...and then we move on. Too bad about that dog or cat, but I had to feed myself. comes the debt ceiling fight, and unless Obama changes his ways, that will add to the chaos. It's his own damn fault this is happening. He spent too many years trying to work with the growing insanity of the Right, tried too many times to placate them, and like a 3 year-old who's learned that if he screams loud and long enough daddy will give in, the screaming will continue until the brats are exhausted or punished enough to not want to keep up the temper-tantrum. That moment can't come soon enough.

If it ever does.

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