Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Friday, December 13, 2013

All done for Christmas

Cards are off. Late, but on their way. I'm not doing presents; I've got too many bills to pay as it is, and I'm still waiting to get paid for a storyboarding job I did 6 weeks ago. I've got 3 registered letters for Amazon demanding they stop offering 3 of my books as new titles. It seems my gut is beginning to calm down from the Amoxicillin. I've got all day tomorrow to get myself ready for NYC.

I'll be doing a lot. The main packing job. Looking at another possible job up in Harlem. Getting GBP and Euros for the trip, next month; there's an American Express office in Macy's and I'm staying 2 blocks from there. Dropping off a container that once held 2 small globes from the 17th Century. And coming home Wednesday.

On the train, I'll work on NYPDB. I guess I need to finish that so I can get it out of the way. It's not so bad working on it; it's just no matter what I do it keeps getting fucked up because the guy who I'm writing it for keeps reworking stuff and his grammar and spelling are truly sad. And I can't let it be published looking like that.
Enough whining. Jeez...I'm becoming a master at it. I may take my DVD of Firefly with me to watch, too. I haven't seen any of it, and I like Joss Whedon's work. Somehow he's able to combine humor and horror in ways that diminish neither. I wrote him and asked if I could buy him lunch when I was in LA, the next time. No response. not that I blame him. He's probably got a zillion things going on, and some twit from Buffalo wants to have a chat out of nowhere? But I'd love to be able to give his touch to Carli's KILLS.

I could just watch all of Buffy, again, and see if I can catch the idea, by osmosis...


Michael said...

"Firefly" is excellent though tragically short-lived. Make sure to watch the film follow-up "Serenity" at some point.

JamTheCat said...

I've got "Serenity" on my DVD set. I'll watch it last. I also have the full set of "Buffy..." It'll be fun to relive those times...le sigh...