Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Got my post cards

I worked up a post card to send out for David Martin and got 100 of them, today. They turned out nice enough...but I feel something is missing. That's why I only ordered 100. Then I went on and found hundreds of book stores I could send them to, including a couple dozen local ones...and realized I needed better contact information on the cards. Right now, all I have is the website on the back. I can work it okay with these, but the next batch will have that info on the front and back of them.

Guess I better get my Forever postcard stamps, if the PO offers them. Postage is going up, soon. Of course, this all puts me deeper into debt, but I'm hoping all these expenses will cut my tax burden down for 2013...and eventually I'll make more than just a little money off them. Hope springs eternal.

I'm also pushing The Lyons' Den, again. I have a Tumbler thread I posted it on, as well as an art site I go to, and may do up a postcard for that, too. The DM cards weren't expensive, since I did the artwork...well, used Ken's cover art and added some verbiage on the address side. I could do something eye-catching for LD.

I got the proof of BC from Lightning Source and the top margin was off on all the pages. I finally realized I'd forgotten to make sure it was specified that when it was saved from Word to a PDF, it had to be in 6x9 format. So that took some time to correct...and wound up adding 15 pages so the cover had to be adjusted and resubmitted, too. Now I'm waiting to hear back on this submission.

God, one of these years maybe I'll do it all right on the first go.

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