Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Is there really a choice?

I've been having trouble with a tooth so got the dentist to fit me in, today. I was hoping it's just be an impacted gum or abscess or something easy to treat. And while I do have an infection, it's around a tooth that will need to either be pulled or get a root canal. Pulling the tooth is 10% of what it costs to get a root canal, and I don't have dental insurance. And considering how much I've screwed up my finances (a large part by trying to get my writing to be noticed), my choice is simple. Pull it. I don't have nearly $2000 to handle the other way...and that's with a discount.

The only teeth I ever had pulled were my wisdom teeth. Maybe I should've kept them in; they might have helped me see my way clearer when it comes to things like money and career.

Then I got a note from Lightning Source that part of the cover for DM was outside the image boundary for the cover. Which I didn't get, because I used guidelines to make sure I was within the space allotted for everything. But they insisted I lower the title of the spine by 1/16" and resubmit it. The only positive aspect of that is, I discovered I wrote Ken Min's name wrong, in his acknowledgement. He's the illustrator, and I left out his middle initial, so had to redo both the text and the cover, anyway.

Currently, I feel like such a complete fuck-up. Getting everything right, again, took most of the evening, and I'm still fighting with Amazon over them selling new copies of my books even though they aren't supposed to, so no real writing done. So I'm in a blue mood and on antibiotics, which always bring me lower.

"Blue mood, you left me standing alone, without a song in my heart, without someone of my own" -- or something like that.


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