Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Green water...

Seems the water in Miami has a hint of a green tint to it. Dunno what the cause is, but it's one more reason never to use tap water, anywhere. Especially when it's not simple and clear. Make you sicker than sick...even if all you do is brush your teeth in it.

It's weird, but Miami feels like another country. It's warm and humid and has the kind of rain that comes straight down and is warm, like Houston, Honolulu, and Bangkok. I got nicely soaked just walking from the warehouse to my car. Fortunately, I realized long ago that I won't melt, no matter how much like the wicked witch of the west I behave.

I didn't do any sight-seeing. The city does not really interest me. The downtown area reminds me of Matamoros, Mexico, down by Brownsville. Tight streets smelling of piss and garbage. I guess I could have hopped over to South Beach, again, but why? I've been there and wasn't all that impressed. I guess I'd feel different if I were into clubbing, but I stopped that years ago.

Instead I went back to Fort Lauderdale's silly airport and had a late lunch, then worked on OT till time for my flight. I'm redoing the last 100 pages, again...and again until I feel they do the job. This is where everything comes together and it needs to be understood. Who knows if it works, but still...I'm working at it.

Next week is a day trip to Dayton, then the week after is Lisbon. Then who knows what's next?

Not me, that's fer dang shure...

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