Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Long day...but good...

I finished the new draft of Marked For Death. All changes made. Just need to go through it and make sure it's consistent. Ben's become quite interesting in what he's willing to do not only for revenge but to make things right and keep his word. He even commits murder. Not of an innocent, nor in self-defense, but deliberately. Bad boy.

The ending was a major chore, because I flat out wanted to do a Hitchcock. Set the finale out in the open, with no place to hide. A gunfight in the middle of it all. With two innocent people caught in the crossfire and one of the villains out of reach, not to mention drone bombs. Woo-hoo! I got almost all of it. Just had to add in a place to use as shelter. It'll be interesting...I think. I hope.

I can already think of changes I'd like to make. Detail stuff, is all. The structure's there. Some of the actions I pull are a bit obvious, but needed to bridge the gap.

It's a wonder to me I was able to focus. This last couple of weeks have been hellish in too many ways. but I'm still standing. Barely. And as stubborn as always. I need a breather from being hit with sudden expenses left and right -- $100 for this and $50 for that and $90 now and $60 immediately. The one that finally got to me was La Quinta charging me for not showing up for a reservation that I'd canceled, and me not seeing it till late last night, as I was about to pay my American Express bill. Meaning I can't handle it till Wednesday, because that was all done on my computer at work and I'll be in Philadelphia on Monday and Tuesday...and I have to call the hotel manager to discuss it.

I need to go to London for a hand-carry or a job or something. ASAP. But with the Olympia Book Fair coming up in a month, I doubt that's going to happen. My bosses handle that fair because one's from England and they can stay with his family to cut expenses. And he knows London like the back of his hand.

Plus there are a couple of smaller fairs at the same time that some of our dealers want to participate in, so they can split up to deal with those. And they're more adept at handling the agents we work with, there, especially as regards submitting export licenses for certain books. Which I already know we'll need at least six of. Oh, well...maybe in June. Then I can toodle down The Thames to see if what I put into the script really works.

Wouldn't it be a shock to see that it had?

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