Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

There are no more Christians in America...

A lot of people still claim they are, but their actions are the exact opposite of the teachings of Christ so their claims are lies. Period.

To me, the whole idea of being a Christian is boiled down to its essence in three chapters of Matthew -- 5-7. The Sermon on the Mount. That's where Jesus tells people not to judge, to love others as much as they do themselves. To be tolerant and understanding, and to live their lives right, not to loudly proclaim how good and Godly they are.

But since the dawn of the church, those words have only been used for others to live up to, not the self-professed christianists. They have used the bible to excuse slavery, slaughter, genocide, torture, hate, selfishness, condescension, injustice and intolerance in the extreme. Not to mention silence in the face of all this evil, because it's a tenet of law that silence equals consent. And none of this is acceptable to Christ.

I'm not saying they're the only ones who do this. Muslims have pulled the same crap since Mohammed, and if you read the Old Testament, you can see where Jews have done it, too. All in the name of their god, be he Allah or Jahweh. Hindus and Buddhists and even Sikhs have done it. But it's the christianists in America who are the focus of my hatred, right now, because they're the ones turning our country into a theocracy, just like Iran is, Israel is becoming, and just like what ISIS wants to do. They're the ones bringing hell to my neighborhood.

Maybe they should be called Paulists, because Paul's the one who turned Christianity into something spiteful and vile.

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