Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Almost there...almost...

I've got 150 more pages of OT left to red-pen, then comes the inputting and sending it off to be read and critiqued. There were a lot more changes than I thought there'd be, mainly adjusting sentences so they make sense instead of ramble. Simplicity is good, at times such as this.

So is removing repetition. I found more points where I say the same thing more than once, just in slightly different ways. A bit is good, to keep the reader abreast of the story, but what I'm cutting was superfluous. I doubt I'll drop much in the way of pagination; I'm also adding in bits to help keep what's happening easy to follow.

I'm behind schedule by about a week. My freak-out kick-dropped me, good. I wound up doing a marathon viewing of the Bourne series to break away from it. The Matt Damon ones; I haven't seen the Jeremy Renner sequel, yet. Didn't even begin to look interesting. I thoroughly enjoy the first three movies, though the last one doesn't hold up as well as the first two. It still makes no sense as to who shoots Bourne at the very end, story or character wise.

I've been thinking more about having The Lyons' Den taken out of publication and re-issuing it, myself, as a second edition with a better front-cover and back-cover blurb. I found this fun little photo online that's given me some ideas. Get a shower curtain with fish on it; put a dozen characters behind it, looking out; have a head & shoulders shot of Daniel with a goofy expression. Holding a gun in one hand and wielding a pen in the other. The shower raining cash. That would fit the chaos of the story pretty well.

And only cost a thousand bucks to set up.

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