Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ready to go...

I'm taking Underground Guy and Carli's Kills with me to work on during this journey of jobs. I'll have some long plane rides and don't feel like paying $8 a day for WiFi on the plane. I also hate the idea of getting up at 4:30 am to catch a 6:40 flight to Fort Lauderdale. When're we going to get teleporters to make travel instantaneous?

I'm leaning toward working on UG because it's a book and it's in Word so I can make notes on it as I go. CK is in a PDF so everything on it's external, unless I feel like buying an advanced version of Adobe that lets me add notes to a PDF. I'm too cheap-assed for that.

Plus I've had some interesting ideas for UG, like bringing in Dev's sister-in-law to help him in some, I don't know yet. But he's get respect for her since she's able to handle his slightly brain-damaged brother, Colin.

The story so far -- Dev and his brother own a New York based lapel pin manufacturing business, inherited from their physically abusive father. Dev's in London seeing clients when he sees a man on the Piccadilly Underground that grabs his interest, so kidnaps and sexually assaults him...though not in the way one might think. Turns out the guy, Reg, is an undercover cop and Dev has inadvertently messed up an operation against a serial killer.

Of course the man who may have been the killer, Tawfi, was close by. Dev's arrested, ostensibly because of the kidnapping; the cops think he was helping the killer, but they can't link him to any of the deaths in any way. Dev senses something about the murders isn't right and tells the cops. They ignore him so he tries to make things right by finding out what really happened...and connects with a man who may be the killer. I've got maybe ⅓ of it written.

Thing is, CK is in first draft and, even though I'm planning a page 1 rewrite, would be the easiest to get done. And having Carli be as strong a lead as any guy, and willing to objectify men the same as men do women, is appealing. And I'd like to get the dynamic between her and Zeke down. But I can't do anything about it till I'm back to Buffalo.


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