Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A bit more of Underground Guy...

Dev has been released by the cops. He's back at his hotel and has stepped out to get some copies made when he decided to pick up a man he knew would be interested in having some fun -- Tafiq (AKA: Tawfi), whose profile was sharp and clean, with dark hair, a goatee, and golden tanned skin...not to mention a nice tight build and wearing a Saville Row suite (very expensive). This is after they've had their fun in Dev's hotel room, and Dev's remembering as he walks back to his hotel from Hatton Cross Station. Tawfi speaks cultured British.

Normally I'm the first guy out of bed and into the bathroom. Instead, Tawfi had rolled onto his feet and taken a quick I spied on him...and sketched him, something I never did with my conquests, even though I felt more like I'm the one who was conquered. He hadn't noticed me sitting on the toilet till he was done and grabbed a towel.

"Have you been watching me this whole time?" he asked.

I nodded and showed him the sketch. Nothing lewd about it. Just from the chest up, water pouring over his head and face and chest in a way that was brutally erotic. Quick and simple.

He'd hesitated before he said, "You did that as I washed?"

I'd shrugged. "Just a quickie for our quickies."

He'd smiled and I'd melted. "You're quite good..."

"It helps with the job I'm in. You want it?"

A look of near surprise had come over his face and he'd nodded. "Thank you."

"I'll put it by your suit jacket."

He'd finished toweling off and come into the room to dress. "Do you design all of your pins?"

"Naw, I just clean 'em up. Sketches like this are just for fun."

"You're better than that." I'd grinned and sat on the bed to gaze at him. He'd looked at me. "Devlin, what're you doing?"

"Watchin' you dress."

He'd chuckled. "Shall I do a reverse of the dance of the seven veils?" Then he'd held his Armanis up to his nose and wriggled about and turned to pull them on and I'd nearly lost all control. I'd pulled him onto the bed with me and laid him beside me and kissed him.

"Wish you could stay the night," had whispered from me.

His elegant fingers had caressed my chin as he'd said, "Next time, perhaps."

I'd dressed and accompanied him to the Hatton Cross Station and waited till he'd vanished. Now I was headed back.

I'd thought about having a meal at the hotel's restaurant but it was too overpriced so I'd bought a sandwich at the station and just returned to my room, remembering every moment of being with Tawfi and feeling a bit disloyal to Reg. Which was crazy as hell. Master Thornton probably hated my guts for what I'd done to him, and I didn't blame him. So there was no chance in hell anything more could happen between us. But with Tawfi, I wanted a lot more to happen...even forever.

No way in hell that was gonna happen, either.

I was on the fifth floor but facing the wrong way from the airport. I liked seeing the planes going and coming, especially at night; it helped me zone so I could easily get to sleep, but I had a feeling I wouldn't have that problem, tonight. Tawfi had been the perfect snack to keep the chaos at bay.

I rode up alone and there was no one else in the corridor as I walked down it. I got to my door and unlocked it and entered and got slammed from behind. My high-school wrestling moves kicked in and I threw someone against the bed but they bounced back to their feet and a searing pain ripped into my left arm and I cried out and crashed against the dresser and caught the slightest glimpse of someone rushing from the room. That's when I found a nasty gash in my forearm was bleeding everywhere. I grabbed Tawfi's still wet towel and wrapped it around me then called the front desk.

Son-of-a-bitch, I'd been mugged...

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