Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Log-lining for beginners...

I have three of my scripts posted on InkTip. They get their log-lines read but very few times does that progress into anyone reading the synopsis or screenplay. So I've been playing with some new ones to see if that will help. They're below.

The Alice 65
A book archivist whose world is in perfect order is sent to pickup a very rare edition of Alice in Wonderland from the actress who inherited it...and who turns his world upside down.

This is a romantic comedy so I'm not sure exactly what to say in it. And it's really a rare copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland...but that was kind of long and didactic.

Carli's Kills
When her daughter is driven to suicide, an ex-army sniper seeks a horrific revenge against the biker gang responsible for the girl's death...even though it may get a man she loves killed.

This is a revenge thriller written like a horror-romance. Should I emphasize that?

Marked For Death
When his family is killed by a bomb, a suicidal ex-soldier sets out to destroy the man he believes responsible…only to fall in love with the man's daughter.

Another revenge thriller about a man regaining his belief in life. This one's set in London, so that may be a hard sell.

I'd put more up, but it's $60 for 4 months -- $180 a year for each script -- while 90% of the people viewing the listings on InkTip are wannabes like me. So I'm not sure if getting to that 10% who actually are someone is worth the money. Next on the slate is synopses that kill it. But at least these are up...

If anyone has suggestions on how to intensify the log-lines, I am more than open to hearing them.

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