Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Kia is not Chrysler

I'm driving a Kia minivan for this job, and today I decided I don't want another one. I usually got Chrysler Town & Country or Dodge Caravans when doing jobs where I drive to do the packing and moving. I like the stow-and-go seats, the flat floor space, the massive room, and they ride nice. But this time all Avis had were this Kia thing...and it's okay...but it's got issues.

First off, the middle seats fold up against the back of the driver and passenger seats, don't disappear like on the T&C. And one section has hooks that jut out, so it you put a box next to them, it's likely to get punctured. Nor is there nearly as much room. And what's worst? The side doors are half-blocked by the folded up seats, so it's hard to load anything through the side. Whoever designed this did not think it through.

But I got all the boxes in -- a massive archive of paper for binding and printing -- and saw some things that were amazing. Especially the sheets and sheets of Kirie e Japanese paper cuts. Intricate designs are cut into paper by hand then ink is swiped over them onto silk or more paper to make beautiful designs.

This video gives you an idea of what it's all about. Some of the ones I saw were for the same general design but each sheet was for a different color. They would be laid onto a sheet of rice paper, then something like red ink would be swiped across the design...then once it was dried, another would be laid down and yellow ink would be swiped over...and this could be done a dozen times until the paper was finished. Amazing work.

Of course, I also handled paper that was made from kangaroo shit -- it's called RooPoo, and it is for real. Same for elephant dung and bat guano. All you need to make paper is I guess you could also make it from Shredded Wheat. Before it's eaten...AND after.

I'm transporting these back to Buffalo to be shipped out. Worked out easier, that way. And boxes that would have taken up half a T&C filled the back of the Kia.

Dunno why anyone would ever want one.

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