Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dammit, stop throwing crap at me!

I'm at that stage in my story where the characters are coming up with nonsense just to mess with me. Like Casey suggesting she wants to change the reason she takes Adam to the premier and the after-party. Doing it her new way would change everything that follows and make her into a real bitch. NOT gonna happen.

Same for another character who wants to dance with Adam in the middle of a bar, which diminishes the moment when Casey and Adam dance, later. It's like they're angling to see who can get the best bits thrown in for themselves, no matter what the rest of the story demands...and I hate it when they pull this crap.

And love it. I now have my white rabbit and dormouse characters...albeit merely indicatively. And it does add to the madness of Adam's world. So who knows? I've got my own insane process and it seems to work out in the end.

Of course, this may all be moot. Czar Snowflake (the POTUS whose name I will not speak) has attacked Syria. Apparently after warning Russia that he would. Meaning Russia warned Assad and they made sure there was minimal damage from the $70m worth of cruise missiles we sent. Makes the Czar look good, in his mind and in the diseased brains of his vermin followers. But...this could easily lead to the apocalypse, in which case there will be no one left to read my books and all will be for naught.

Maybe I should try to build a time capsule to be found 10,000 years from now, when the next masters of the universe reach that point of civilization.

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