Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

First chapters are the hardest...

So far only Chapter One needed serious reworking (and still needs tweaking and proofing; I can't believe how many typos I found in a read-through today). Chapters Two and Three are in decent shape, since that's where the story starts getting going. I've tried to find another way of beginning Adam's tale, but jumping in when he connects with Patricia, Casey's mother, at the airport felt awkward and having him be told he's going on the trip as the beginning was too...I dunno...unimportant.

I like beginning with Adam's normal day and giving just a hint that something will wind up wrong about it. Then introduce some characters who will come into play, later. I also like how it connects Adam to where he works and how much he loves it; that becomes important, as well, so I think laying the groundwork, here, is good.

Initially, I was jamming way too much information in at the beginning, as is my usual practice. I start out afraid the story won't make sense unless I do, then calm down with each successive draft. I could probably do a bit more removal...and have already decided on a couple of thing that didn't need to be detailed, it's getting there.

I also had a huge synopsis of Ilithium 4, the movie Casey starred in, that was completely superfluous...and would actually have been problematic. The Alice '65 should parallel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, in a vague way, but talking about the movie and the book it was based on and the book the book was based on shifted the whole emphasis in ways that were out it came.

I did get bits of the movie in, however, because even though Adam does not want to watch it, he has to in order to keep the brat in the seat next to him asleep. If he turns the movie off, the brat wakes up and looks like he might vomit on him, again. So Adam is forced to endure watching a hideous film adaptation of a book he loves...twice.

But at least it introduces Casey well before he meets her and sets up just how beautiful she is.

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