Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Back to work...

Having some space from working on The Alice '65 has helped me see places I can trim down and ways to rearrange details to better effect, not to mention helping in clarity. I still have the tendency to write as if others can read my mind, which is not good...because I haven't got much mind to read. But going through the story as I flew back to Buffalo on Southwest -- whose flights were, as usual, delayed -- I got a fair idea of the flow of the first part of it and like how it moves along.

I will be reworking the final confrontation a couple of times, to get that right, and there are other places where I need to work in ideas I've I've given up on having the book ready for feedback by the end of August. Maybe the end of September...which means it won't be out till after the first of the year. Oh well...I want it to be good. And well-edited.

This evening was taken up with financial matters -- handling bills, updating insurance, finalizing a deal to pay back taxes. My brain is numb, because I've never been a whiz at money. I haven't had the nerve to look at what my credit cards balances are, yet. I'm sure they're off the chart and it'll take time to get them back down to a decent level.

I also had two doctors' appointments, this morning, and found out I lost 12 pounds on this spate of jobs. Working non-stop does help with does not being hungry enough to go out to eat. A couple of my hotel rooms had microwaves, so I'd just get something to nuke and zone on the bed. I was gone for a total of 34 days, so there's still a lot to catch up on.

Hope I can do it all, tomorrow...

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