Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A little game

I have fun checking to see how my books' sales are doing on Amazon, every couple of days, and lately HTRASG has been jumping on and off a couple of bestseller lists. It doesn't mean much; I mean, we're talking about lists that're sub-categorized like this --

"Any category - Books - Gay & Lesbian - Literature & Fiction - Fiction - Gay" (#90)
"Any category - Books - Literature & fiction - Erotica - Gay & Lesbian - Gay" (#23)

That was today at 11:14am; I may be off of both lists by 12:30. I hear from Nazca Plains some authors take these sales figures and listings seriously, but you can''s meaningless in the scheme of sales. After all, my actual sales ranking overall is posted like this -- Sales Rank: #43,206 in Books (note: that encompasses both physical books and Kindle downloads).

You see, Amazon has more than 27,000,000 books available online, so all it takes is another author selling two books in the next three days to my one and I'm shot down to #1,265,935 in rankings...which is where BC-1 is, right now.

No, the real fun comes from digging deeper and finding that, for instance, on that 2nd sub-category I'm actually #10 in physical books delivered instead of auto-delivered wirelessly. "Auto-delivered wirelessly" -- sounds more like a satellite-radio subscription service than a Kindle reading adventure. Not sure if that means anything specific about my book being too good to treat like a pile of bits sent over the ether or if it's just that none of my work is available that way...but it's probably the latter.

Whatever -- it's fun to do, and so far I have yet to catch any of my other books on any list, whatsoever, though RIHC6 came close once. Guess I now know who my target market is and should write accordingly. Don't want to wind up like that guy in "Misery," do I? So I smile and print the page up so I can prove I'm a "bestselling author" and just enjoy the game.

Now off for a walk and some errands and then onto the changes in the storyboards. I'd talk about my time in Buffalo, but that'd be like taking a one-hour tour of the Natural History Museum in NYC and trying to tell you all it encompasses. Right now, the impression is favorable and it would be an adventure to live there. How I'd feel after actually getting to know the city might be more intensely so or so totally different I'd want to get out ASAP. You never know. I hated LA the first time I lived there; the second time I got used to it and now love it, despite its sometimes infuriating flaws. Who knows what'll happen here? Maybe I'll wind up with another location for a story or script.

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