Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Looks like I'll be a New Yorker

Everything's set and acceptable to both sides, so at the end of February I'm moving to Buffalo for at least 6 months, to see how things work out. Now comes the fun part -- preparing for it. I've already got a list a mile long of things to do. I'm not taking all my things, just what will fit in my car. The rest goes in storage until I'm definitely sure of what's going on.

Brendan's in a huff and I don't blame him. This means work on POS will be postponed even more. But the reality is, I need to spend at least 10 days in Derry digging into the times he lived there and that never came together...which turned out to be a good thing, in a way, what with the harsh winter they're experiencing up there. I saw a satellite map of England and Scotland that was 98% white from snow, and it's supposed to be the same in much of Ireland. You'd think they were Greenland.

Anyway, that was the deal. And it looked for a few weeks like I'd be able to actually do it...but then it fell apart, money I'm owed was never paid and I'm at the point where I'm borrowing to cover my bills -- and that cannot continue. If he wanted me to focus just on POS, he should have helped me win the lottery. But that didn't happen, either (yes, I played and got a whole $3 back -- the amount I played on one ticket). So...I lucked out getting this job and I will do my best to hang on to it. I'll take all my research materials up with me and keep pushing forward, just not at the breakneck pace I was going before.

Today, once I'm done prepping for the packing job in Baltimore, I'm slamming into the storyboard changes for the client. I want to get this set off by Wednesday...Tuesday, if possible. I want this job do they. The truly great thing about this job was -- I DID get paid, and I'll be paid more once it's completed. And I've learned I know how to use PowerPoint and can play more with Photoshop. I should post some of this on my website to show what I can do now...even though I doubt I'll ever get another job doing storyboards.

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