Derry, Northern Ireland

Derry, Northern Ireland
A book I'm working on is set in this town.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gonna be a New Yorker...

Albeit in the Western end of the state, which is really more like Pennsylvania and Ohio and is geared more towards Canada than the US. But I informed my landlord I'm renewing my lease -- for some weird reason I have to give them 60 days notice -- and things are going well enough with the job that I want to keep it. And they say they want me, so...

It helps that my sister, Jeri, is taking over mom more and more; I can tell because whenever I talk to mom, she tells me she doesn't want Jeri involved in too much and complains about it. Right now, sis put in an offer on a house not far from Northeast Baptist Hospital for mom to live in, instead of a rapidly declining apartment complex, so it's looking better. If my brother, Shawn, would drop by every now and then just to see how mom's doing without being asked, it'd be even better...especially since Kelly, my youngest brother, needs someone to rant to about how mom and Jeri are running his life. Can't say I miss that part of my life there, though it does pop up on my weekly phone call, once in a while.

Of course, this means shifting my driver's license and health and auto insurance to NY state (I'd rather not, but they won't cover me if I stay here; I'd have to move back to Texas)...and that's bumping the price up. That or I get second rate coverage. Still looking into options on that. And on what it actually takes to get a NYDL. Oh, and I'll have to shift my Honda over to here, too. I'd been thinking about getting a new car but I'm leery about the cost. We'll see how it goes. I have until September to decide on that.

The thing is, as much as I complain and whine and bounce around with POS, I am getting it fits and starts but it is still moving forward...and being up here has helped because I don't know anybody and there's really nothing else to do. I'm stuck at 99K in words but only because I trimmed back some repetition in the other parts of the book. So if I'm here for another 8 months, I might actually get done with a solid first draft by the end of the year.

My latest book just showed up on now I'm published six times over -- 4 books of dark gay erotica and two that are really more like character studies. It won't mean anything once I start trying to get POS published, but it does feed my ego. Kitty cat like the strokes, he does.

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